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What is Harmony OS? 2

What is Harmony OS?

Half a year ago, Huawei had no real need to introduce its own operating system. It regularly delivered innovative five-star Android phones and even the best Samsung looked over its shoulders.

But because Donald Trump had another tantrum and imposed a ban that prevented US companies from handling Huawei without a special license. The Mate’s maker was forced to develop its own mobile operating system, in case of breaking up with Google for good.

Harmony OS is not just a simple replacement for Android. It was developed in 2019 and is suitable for all phones with watches and smart displays. Could American moron president have done Huawei a favor?


When it was recently presented at the Huawei Developer Conference in China, Harmony OS looked like a light and fast operating system that could offer intelligent experiences on all devices.

What is Harmony OS? 3

This seemed to confirm when the Honor Vision Smart TV was launched (pictured) a day later. With Harmony OS included, movies, games, and videos can be streamed live through NFC Handshake and Wi-Fi. There is also an AI-enabled camcorder pop-up window.

But Can It Run on My Phone Instead of Android?

They may have to do a lot, especially in the application environment, but Harmony OS can be a very powerful middle-class smartphone operating system.

First, it should reflect the latest version of the Huawei UI, EMUI 10, found on top of Android, so it is familiar to at least existing users.

Although you do not have access to the Google Play Store or Google Play services, Harmony OS supports the Android infrastructure and applications, so the developer can use the app with a few settings on a phone, smartwatch, or tablet. Harmony, TV and Car Head Unit. Huawei has also developed the Harmony OS open-source operating system and has further developed its relationship with the application development community.

Why I can’t Use it Now?

Everything related to Harmony OS as an operating system for smartphones is currently suspected. So far only rewards have been served. So, if Huawei wants to build trust with developers and consumers, it must exchange samples, demonstrations, and starters with the operating system loaded, and they must be excellent.

The basics are in place, but according to Huawei, a line of Harmony OS code can replace 100 lines of Android code. This makes it perfect for devices with low memory requirements, such as smartwatches, fitness tracking and smart speakers and car dashboards.

It is also designed around the Internet of things so you can move from one room to another and watch video calls between devices, from television to smartphone to phone and finally to your PC. No wonder they called Harmony.

What Do We know so far?

Currently, Harmony is still a TV operating system with a bright future for smart devices, but after August 19, the partnership between Google and Huawei is gone.

Without further security updates and more access to the Play Store or Google services, Harmony OS may become Huawei’s Android status, not an option. Fortunately, a company can deploy it to smartphones within 24 to 48 hours, but developers would need to double the applications.

This means that Huawei is in many ways at the mercy of the White House. And unfortunately, the brilliant camera technology cannot resist a government that has decided to break the company’s ties to Google.

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