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Shuttle XPC Slim DH02U7 Review 2

Shuttle XPC Slim DH02U7 Review

It is already quite difficult to find a minicomputer that supports up to four monitors, not to mention one that can be VESA mounted behind them. The shuttle XPC Slim DH02U7 (starting at $1,487; $1,795 tested) does both. The DH02U7 is designed for professional use, but there is nothing to suggest that its industrial capacitors and its 24/7 model make it a bad home computer. You can buy this preinstalled and ready to use model, or as a bare chest unit with its components. The DH02U7 is a good option when quad-screen support and VESA installation options are a priority, but the HP Z2 Mini G4 steals thunder on desktop computers. The Z2 Mini G4, the winner of the editorial choice in this segment, offers similar functionality and significantly better performance for approximately the same money.


  • Compact VESA-mountable design.
  • Four HDMI video-out connectors from its Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU.
  • Native serial port.
  • Available as a barebones unit.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Very costly.
  • Runs hot and noisy under load.
  • No DisplayPort video-out.


Here is the TLDR version: The Shuttle DH02U7 is a small metal housing with dimensions 1.7×6.7×7.5 inches (HWD) without any style requirements. This could be oversimplified, but I think it is. The out-of-line view will surely give you an instinctive response to whether it seems important.

Shuttle XPC Slim DH02U7 Review 3

The DH02U7 has its style in an industrial way. A lack of style is an asset if you want to keep things subtle and/or make others think that you haven’t spent as much as you used to. If you plan to install VESA on this computer and keep it out of sight, the appearance can be a point of contention anyway.


The 4.8 lb DH02U7 is heavier than it looks. Weight is a good thing; The platform is hard and inflexible. The angles are not sharp. Power is supplied externally, as is usual with most mini pcs. My Core i7 Power Checker contained a 120-watt adapter.


VESA mounting holes are on both sides of the frame. The included VESA mount supports the standards 100 mm x 100 mm and 75 mm x 75 mm.


This shuttle supports quad screens thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics chip. (Only for a rough overview of the performance of the GTX 1050, here is an overview of the reference GTX 1050 card, not the exact compact version used here). If you had Intel integrated graphics as with mini pcs, it is common only for two or three monitors is compatible, and this requires that the PC mainly provide as many connections. So four connections are a pleasure.

I would be happy if they were different, but they are all HDMI. At least one DisplayPort connection would have been welcome, as it would have opened the door to the chain connection to connect even more screens. However, it is surprising that all HDMI ports are full size, so you don’t have to buy special cables or adapters.

It is especially notable that HDMI connections are version 2.0. In my opinion, this is a prerequisite for connecting 4K displays compatible with HDMI, since 2.0 ports support 4K at 60 Hz. You do not want to operate a 4K screen through an HDMI port that does not have version 2.0 or higher because it only gets 30Hz (or less) to 4K. If you are looking for a next-generation digital display solution, you want things to look optimal. This system update frequency does not need to be compromised.


The quartet of HDMI video output ports is located behind the DH02U7, along with an Ethernet port, two USB Type-A 3.0 ports, a power connector, and two internal Intel 3165AC WLAN card antennas. An older serial connection highlights the professional audience on this computer. Many vertical market devices still use the old standard, and USB serial adapters sometimes just don’t cut it. The two notches in the safety cable lock are not visible in this image. The DH02U7 conveniently has one on each side of the rear corners. The idea is that you want to block this computer when it is available in a kiosk or other public place for a digital screen.


It comes with separate connectors for microphone and headphones and four USB Type-A ports, two of which are version 2.0 and the other is version 3.0. The power switch is in the center. The Flashcard reader is missing, but it wouldn’t matter in most public space implementations.


Although the DH02U7 dual-core i7-7500U processor performs excellently in everyday life, it remained behind most of the tests. As I said, this computer is not designed for heavy loads. Our device’s Western Digital Green SSD is also an entry-level model, but it’s still much faster than a conventional hard drive.

Shuttle XPC Slim DH02U7 Review 4

The 3,360-point example of the DH02U7 in the standard benchmark PCMark 8 Work shows that it is ideally suited for everyday productivity use. The small Intel NUC NUC8i7HVK series led the pack with a fast Intel Core i7 core processor and first-line memory.

Performance differences between the DH02U7 and other units can be seen from the CPU-limited Cinebench and Handbrake tests. As I said, the Core i7-7500U is a good option for most users, but the extra cores cannot be replaced when heavy lifting is required. The Xeon Hexa core processor of the HP Z2 Mini G4 workstation is light-years away.


The GeForce GTX 1050 of the DH02U7 saves it on 3D-related benchmarks. It is slightly stronger than the HP Z2 Mini G4 Quadro P1000 and is expected to keep up with the GTX 1050 of the Zotac ZBox Magnus EN51050. The 2549-point presentation of DH02U7 in the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme suggests that it can handle some newer game titles. MSI Vortex G25VR and Zotac ZBox Magnus EK71080 are much better for fragmentation.

Cooling Performance

Two small fans in the case cool the DH02U7. The front fan is for the Intel processor and the rear fan is for the Nvidia GPU. The holes around the fans in the housing are the primary air intakes. Meanwhile, the exhaust which runs on both sides of the frame is expelled through the grates.


When I started making the benchmarks, I noticed that the metal box also served as a heat sink. This computer feels hot at full load and is not silent. Small fans should rotate quickly to provide enough air.


There is a special rapid noise in the engine that can be heard throughout the living room and is probably loud enough to be heard in a silent movie. It is good, however, that they turned quickly. I measured the temperature of the GTX 1050 core at its best in the 80s (it’s Celsius). This is too close to the heat limit of the card for my preferences, but it never exceeded this range.

Final Verdict

A small computer that supports quad displays and VESA installation options is rare, but you can find them in the Shuttle DH02U7. It combines a robust industrial design with professional niche functions such as a serial interface and ease of use for end-users in a small package that can be hidden behind the screen. You may not have to worry much about it, but it’s all hidden.

The competition for the DH02U7 is slight but tough. The available HP Z2 Mini G4 Hexacore processors ring around the DH02U7 dual-core circuitry, including the parent Core i7-7500U in our test unit. HP also supports VESA installation options, can be configured with a serial port, and can connect even more displays (up to six) by connecting the DisplayPort ports. The retail price of $ 1,795 for our DH02U7 product didn’t help, as it is available from HP.

All in all, we’re considering the potential of the Shuttle DH02U7, but it needs a quieter cooling system and price cuts to create an alternative to a high-performance PC for the HP Z2 Mini G4, which is still our best choice and choice of professional vendors are. Mini PC segment with accessories. If you’re looking for a simpler and cheaper digital guide, check out some of the other Intel and Zotac models mentioned above.

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