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Now Google Duo Can Support Up-to 12-Person Group Call 2

Now Google Duo Can Support Up-to 12-Person Group Call

Now Google Duo Can Support Up-to 12-Person Group Call 3

You can now use the Google Duo to join video calls with up to 12 people, announced Google’s Sanaz Ahari Lemelson.

It is the second addition to the Duo since last year. Google initially limited users to individual video calls and then introduced group-style support with a maximum capacity of 8 people.

Google has decided to set a higher limit due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. “We are grateful that Duo is helping users see their loved ones all around the world,” said Ahari Lemelson on Twitter. “We have increased group calling from 8 participants to 12 effective today. More to come.” Therefore, there may be other improvements and features that Google has designed for a later date but was considered a priority in the past. Ahari Lemelson has not stated whether the 12-person limit will continue to be a permanent increase, although this seems likely.

However, you will find greater capabilities on other platforms. Skype allows up to 50 users to join the call, and up to 32 users are welcome to Apple’s FaceTime service. The duo is also below the 100 users supported by Google Hangouts Meet. It remains a welcome addition for users who enjoy the duo and its streamlined approach to video calls.

The duo is available for both iOS and Android. Google also allows users to video chat via a web browser.

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