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MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 2

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don’t Let The Pink Fool You

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 3

The MSI Prestige 14 is a beautiful eye that is as powerful as it is beautiful. The $1,399 laptop has a striking design and offers a colorful display and solid performance with an Intel Core i7 processor and discrete Nvidia graphics.

And despite the GPU, the battery life is over 9 hours. The comfortable keyboard is just a cherry on top of the intense pink pastel. But the dark screen and weak speakers can give creative people a pause.


  • Attractive design
  • Six-core CPU and gaming-class graphics
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 ports


  • Slightly dim display
  • No HDMI port, LTE broadband, or security lock slot

MSI Prestige 14 Specs

Laptop ClassUltraportable
ProcessorIntel Core i7-10710U
Processor Speed1.1 GHz
RAM (as Tested)16 GB
Boot Drive TypeSSD
Boot Drive Capacity (as Tested)512 GB
Screen Size14 inches
Native Display Resolution1,920X1,080
Touch ScreenNo
Panel TechnologyIPS
Variable Refresh SupportNone
Screen Refresh Rate60 Hz
Graphics ProcessorNvidia GeForce GTX 1650 (Max-Q)
Graphics Memory4 GB
Wireless NetworkingBluetooth, 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
Dimensions (HWD)0.63 by 12.6 by 8.5 inches
Weight2.84 pounds
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Tested Battery Life (Hours:Minutes)13:22

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Design

MSI made me pleased to see it deep in its pink aluminum case. And yes, some may think it’s too feminine, but the masses can and should accept this bold blush regardless of gender.

msi prestige 14 review

MSI realized that color was enough to make a statement and didn’t add much extra style. Fortunately, the company’s mascot looks great with a logo that has a slightly shiny surface to get light. But if you just want a little more drama, turn the laptop over to see the vent that mimics a sound wave. It’s a fun but functional design.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 3

When you open the laptop, you will see more of this pink case. The very wide touchpad takes up enough space on the palm rest. The keyboard sits in a slightly molded recess. Once again, the MSI uses several small flourishes, such as the word Prestige stamped on the top left of the palm rest, and a glossy MSI stamped on the bottom frame. However, the most significant design feature outside of color is the hinge. Similar to Asus’ ErgoLift model, the Prestige 14 hinge slightly lifts the keyboard for a more comfortable typing experience. You can also set the screen flat for different functions.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 5

At 2.8 pounds and 12.6 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches, the Prestige 14 is beautifully pink and almost light as air. It is lighter than the Asus ZenBook 15 (UX534F) (3.7 pounds, 13.9 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches) and the 15-inch Lenovo Yoga C940 (4.4 pounds, 13.9 x 9 inches, 4 x 0.7 inches). Of course, both are 15-inch laptops. To keep it in the subject, the Dell XPS 13, measuring 2.7 pounds and 11.9 x 7.8 x 0.5 inches, is just a little lighter.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Durability and Security

Don’t be fooled by the pink color, this laptop is really sturdy. The laptop has passed several MIL-SPEC 810G tests. This means that it can withstand extreme falls, shocks, vibrations, and heights.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 6

It will undoubtedly be the center of interest, MSI has included a number of security measures in the Prestige 14 to protect confidential documents from prying eyes. A fingerprint sensor embedded in the touchpad offers an additional level of security through Windows Hello.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Ports

If you don’t want to travel with a USB Type-C hub, the Prestige 14 offers a wide range of ports to hit.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 7
MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 8

There are two USB 3.1 Type-A ports on the right side of the headphone jack. On the left are two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a microSD card reader.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Display

The anti-glare display can be a double-edged sword. First, you don’t have to worry about distracting reflections. It can also create a vivid panel that is a little listed. The Prestige 14’s 14-inch display (1920 x 1080) is somewhat mediocre.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 9

When I saw the Lovebirds trailer, the color was so rich that I saw a subtle color in Issa Rae’s braids next to the neon red accents on her multi-colored unicorn hoodie. Kumail Nanjian’s gold satin jacket was shiny and showed the various folds on the garment.

When testing color reproduction, the Prestige 14 panel measured 112% of the sRGB area. This number is below the average of 122% of premium laptops but is more colorful than the ZenBook 15 (103%) and the Yoga C940 (105%).

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The Prestige 14 fell below the point in our brightness test because it only managed 269 nits on average. It’s far from the average of the 358-nit or 432-nit class of the Yoga C940, but withing the spitting distance of the ZenBook 15 (279 nits).

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Audio

In general, MSI and Nahimic deliver a great combination of audio to listen. But in the small speakers of the Prestige 14, the audio is somewhat disappointing. Although the volume was set to maximum and played with Nahimic presets (music, movies, communication, and games), the laptop barely filled our small test lab. I was disappointed to hear Gallant’s “Bone + Tissue” when the singer’s impressive range of songs had been stripped of its natural richness and left a blank performance. It was almost like listening to a title on an old turntable. The synthesis and bass sounded blurry, weakening the whole song.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Keyboard

“I don’t know if it’s the size of the keys, but I’m kind of nailing this,” said My brother while taking a typing test. 

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 10

I agree with his opinion. Although the keys feel a little quiet, they make a comfortable click as you type. The keys are irrationally large, definitely larger than competing systems, and offer a good spacing. I hit 85 words per minute with a 10-speed fingerprint test that is well above my average of 70 words per minute.

The white backlight is bright enough so that you can easily write in a dark room.

The 5.5 x 2.5 inches is a little wider than I used to, but my fingers quickly got used to the extra space. Browsing websites and Windows 10 gestures were quick and responsive.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Productivity and Media Performance

In terms of performance, I compared the Prestige 14 to four other high-performance laptops: two 14-inch models with the Asus ExpertBook B9450 and Acer Swift 5, and two elite 13.3-inch devices the latest Dell XPS 13 and Razer Blade Stealth 13. The latter has the same GeForce GPU as the MSI, but while all Core i7 chips are the tenth generation, only the Prestige has six CPU cores instead of four, so it’ll have a lead in our benchmarks.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 11

Aside from the battery rundown test (where I used the balanced profile), I used the High-Performance profile of the Creator Center, which freed MSI fans with considerable noise. The system remained quiet in daily use in less demanding applications.


PCMark 10 and 8 are comprehensive service packages developed by PC benchmark experts from UL (formerly Futuremark). The PCMark 10 test we conducted simulates a variety of real-life workflows for content creation and productivity. We use it to assess overall system performance for office-oriented tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, internet surfing, and video conferencing. In the meantime, PCMark 8 has a Storage subtest that we are evaluating for the system startup speed. Both indicate a proprietary numeric score; Larger numbers are better.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 12

The ExpertBook has crossed the 4,000-point hurdle and has shown excellent productivity, while the prestige has scored more than 5,100 points. Applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint don’t make these computers terrible, and their fast SSDs performed well in PCMark 8’s memory exercises.

Cinebench R15

The next step is Maxon’s Cinebench R15 test, which is fully processed to take advantage of all available processor cores and threads. Cinebench emphasizes the CPU instead of the GPU to produce a complex image. The result is a self-assessment that demonstrates the suitability of the computer for processor-intensive workloads.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 13

The six-core MSI easily wins its quad-core competitors. With the XPS 13 coming out of the group and taking second place.


In the Handbrake video editing benchmark, we put the systems with a stopwatch as they transcode a 4K short film to 1080p. This is also a difficult test for multi-core CPUs with multiple threads. Lower times are better.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 14

Dell and Razer did well, but MSI won another gold medal. Asus confirmed the last place in the group.

Photoshop CC

We also did a custom comparison of Adobe Photoshop image editing. With the version of Photoshop Creative Cloud released in early 2018, we applied 10 complex filters and effects to a standard JPEG test image. We run each operation on time and then add the total time (lower times are better). The Photoshop test stresses the processor, memory subsystem, and RAM. However, you can also use most GPUs to speed up filter settings.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 15

Three of them scored pretty much the same although stealth takes an unusual last place.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Graphics Tests


Unfortunately, the Razer rests on the 3DMark benchmark, which measures relative graphic flesh by presenting highly detailed, gaming-type 3D graphic sequences that emphasize particles and lighting. We performed two different 3DMark subtests. Both are DirectX 11 benchmarks, but Sky Diver is better suited for mid-range laptops and PCs, while Fire Strike is more demanding and high-end PCs and gaming platforms can do their job.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 16

The absence of Razer led the MSI to dominate this group. A full-diameter gaming GPU would easily be better than MSI’s Max-Q GTX 1650, but the integrated graphics from Acer, Asus, and Dell were not a threat to it.

Unigine Superposition

The following is another synthetic graphics test, this time from Unigine Corp. Like 3DMark, the superposition test runs through a detailed 3D scene. This is done in the Unigine engine of the same name in order to obtain a second statement of the machine’s graphics performance. We present two overlay results that run at low 720p and high 1080p and are expressed in frames per second (fps), which show how fluid the moving scene looks. On entry-level systems, the realistic goal is to maintain at least 30 frames per second, while more powerful computers with test accuracy should achieve at least 60 frames per second.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 17

The Prestige 14 did very well at this benchmark beating its competitor Stealth but again proved that it is more suitable for light than for hardcore games. When I tested DirectX 12 game the Rise of Tomb Raider in 1080p resolution and its best (very high) preset image quality, I didn’t expect the system to reach 60 frames per second to satisfy the tough players required, but I did hope it would perform better than the playable result of 34.4 fps.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Battery Rundown Test

After fully charging the laptop, we put the device to power saving mode (as opposed to balanced or high performance) and took some other battery-saving measures to prepare for the test of the unplugged video rundown test. (We also turn off Wi-Fi and put the laptop in flight mode.) In this test, we played a video, a locally scored 720p file from the Blender Foundation movie Tears of Steel, with screen brightness at 50 percent and volume at 100 percent until the system turns off.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 18

MSI finished the race with 13 very respectable and a third hour of the endurance test, but Asus blew the others with an amazing 29 hours. Most of these machines have no problem spending a day at work.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Heat

Despite the all-metal body, the Prestige 14 could not exceed our 95-degree comfort threshold. When we measured the touchpad and center after performing 15 minutes of HD video, we saw temperatures of 84 and 95 degrees, respectively. The bottom was 93 degrees.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Webcam

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Don't Let The Pink Fool You 19

To be honset- You need to invest in an external webcam. In practice, the webcam of the Prestige 14 is very wide, with visual disturbances and overexposure with light sources. However, it did a very good job of capturing the exact color of my mustard gold blouse.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Software and Warranty

MSI includes a solid set of MSI-branded software, but by far the most important (and useful) is the Creator Center. With Creator Center, you can monitor system diagnostics, adjust color temperature, music, fans, and power presets. The program also allows you to set the number of CPU threads used by each program and also optimize GPU and memory performance.

Other MSI-branded applications include Driver & App Center to keep your software up to date, and MSI Recover Image Backup in the event of a system crash.

Third-party applications include CyberLink ColorDirector 5, CyberLink AudioDirector, CyberLink PhotoDirector 10 Essential, Music Maker Jam, Nvidia GeForce Experience, and Norton Security Scan.

Of course, there are quite a few Windows 10 bloatware programs like Farm Heroes Saga and Netflix.

MSI Prestige 14 Review: Final Verdict

The MSI Prestige 14 is not pretty pink! It’s a rosy breath of fresh air in a gray, black and white ocean for a laptop. The $1,399 laptop, however, is more than just a flashy platform that offers a colorful (though weak) display, solid performance, and battery life of over 9 hours (average). And the keyboard is pretty impressive too.

If you are a creative person, I would have preferred a brighter screen and better sound. The performance could have been a little better. If you want a brighter screen, see the Lenovo Yoga C940 for $1,429 (15 inches). For creative people who are looking for an elegant, powerful laptop, the MSI Prestige 14 is the way to go.

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