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Huawei is ready to launch the Mate 30 Pro early this year 2

Huawei is ready to launch the Mate 30 Pro early this year

Huawei will launch the Mate 30 Pro earlier than the Mate series of previous years. The date OS set for closer to that of its direct competition. For the new Harmony OS, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro lands much too early.

If the information comes from XDA developers’ usually well-informed sources is correct, Huawei will introduce Mate 30 Pro at the September 19 event. That would be about a month before previous mate generations. There is still no confirmation from Huawei, but the date is consistent with our records. Huawei CEO Richard Yu opens the IFA 2019 in Berlin on September 6 with his opening speech announcing the latest appointment of Mate 30 Pro.

Huawei is in competition with Apple

This would mean that Huawei would introduce its new flagship just over a week after Apple’s new iPhone. Nor has this event been officially confirmed, but there are indications that Apple will launch new products on September 11th. OnePlus 7T Pro and many other smartphones are also expected to be released in the fall, and new IFA products will be launched as well. So again for smartphone fans, this is a busy fall.

Huawei is ready to launch the Mate 30 Pro early this year 3

By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 +, due August 23, will debut long before the IFA in Berlin. Pre-orders will receive a new rating, available in two sizes and up to 5G for the first time, at a slightly lower price when operating on an old smartphone.

Harmony OS still needs more time

Mate 30 Pro comes with a familiar mix of Android and EMUI customization. The new Harmony OS, announced by Huawei at last week’s Huawei Developer Conference 2019, is far from ready for use with Chinese-made smartphones. In perspective, however, Harmony OS should be able to handle all possible device categories. Compatibility with Android apps is an important cornerstone.

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