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Apple Retail Stores Are Now Closed Until Any Further Notice Due to Corona Virus Outbreak

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Last week, Apple decided to close all retail stores outside of China before March 27. However, the situation changed overnight and it is unclear when these stores will reopen.

As reported by 9To5Mac, a banner appeared on Apple’s website following last week’s store closure announcement, clearly stating, “Our retailers are closed until March 27.” The temporary closings FAQ page for March 27 is also referred to as the last day of closure. The banner changed today. It is now called “our retailers closed for now,” while FAQs still appear on March 27.

It is unclear how long the restrictions will remain in place, and Apple is clearly responding. March 27 was always optimistic about the closing date and it’s only 10 days. People need to isolate themselves and limit contact with others will likely take several weeks.

As of this writing, Microsoft’s Bing COVID-19 tracker reveals that there are more than 186,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and more than 7,400 deaths. For the latest information on how to protect yourself, visit the CDC Coronavirus website.

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